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Do You Have Whiplash?

Automobile accidents in Atlanta are often a cause of the injury known as whiplash.


The to-and-fro motion stretches the ligaments and muscles in the neck past their typical range of movement.


No matter the gravity of the whiplash, consulting a chiropractor in Atlanta is usually the ideal route to take in order to get proper treatment.


Timely medical attention assists in preventing the injury from deteriorating or persisting.


The effects of a car collision can be immediate and apparent, but whiplash can take some time to manifest itself after the incident occurs.


Fortunately, there are some recognizable indicators of whiplash that all crash survivors ought to watch for.



In the piece presented, we will explore ten signs of whiplash and how to manage this trauma.



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  • Manipulative Therapy for Neck Sprain
  • Atlanta Arrowhead Clinic's Chiropractic Services



Regular Manifestations of Whiplash

Generally, the effects of whiplash can be seen within a day of experiencing the trauma.


It is frequent for individuals who have had a whiplash injury to have some degree of soreness and rigidity in the neck.


The neck muscles tighten to restrict the amount of rotation and bending allowed in the neck area to prevent any further damage.


In cases of intense whiplash, even the slightest motion of the neck can result in extreme agony.


In some patients, tightness and ache may be felt in the shoulder blades or the region between the neck and shoulder blades.


Ten noticeable indications of a whiplash injury are:

  • Increasing Ache when Moving the Neck
  • Cranial discomfort
  • Forgetfulness Issues
  • Short temper
  • Struggling with Focus
  • Obscured Sight
  • Weariness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Despair and dejection
  • Interruptions of Sleep


Even if some of these indications are present, it cannot be definitively determined that you have sustained a Whiplash injury.


It is thus crucial to be examined by a chiropractor.


To gain insight regarding whiplash, read our piece Understanding Whiplash.



Chiropractic treatment to alleviate whiplash symptoms

It is always advisable to get medical help swiftly following a car crash, regardless of how you feel.


If in need of critical medical attention, the ER or Urgent Care should be consulted.


Nevertheless, there is a likelihood that a hospital emergency room or an immediate care facility might not offer an accurate diagnosis for whiplash-related signs and simply advise pain relievers.


Taking painkillers will merely conceal the discomfort that you are experiencing, leading to a delay in obtaining the necessary treatment.


The earlier you address your whiplash, the more likely you are to minimize discomfort and damage.


Delaying care can lead to prolonged suffering because it was not managed quickly.


It is recommended to seek chiropractic attention, even if you have not had any signs of whiplash after a collision.


Your chiropractor will be able to assess and start managing your injury prior to it exacerbating or developing into a long-term issue.




Arrowhead Clinic of Atlanta offers specialized chiropractic treatment for whiplash injuries

Chiropractors have specialized knowledge in managing whiplash trauma.


For a long time, our chiropractor in Atlanta who specializes in whiplash has been carrying out this work.


If you have encountered an incident, do not defer to receiving the care of a knowledgeable chiropractor.


Our Atlanta chiropractors specializing in whiplash injuries provide a complimentary consultation to determine how to help you with your healing process.


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